Professor Patricia Daley Recognised in “Oxford Portraits”

Professor Patricia Daley, a Professor of Human Geography of Africa ( and a member of the African Studies Centre’s Consultative Committee by virtue of being part of the African Studies Teaching Faculty at Oxford University, has been recognised among the 24 people chosen to represent the diversity in background, gender and accomplishments of scholars, staff and alumni of the University of Oxford. (See BBC News report for Daley’s painting:

Call for Papers: Researching Africa Day 2018

African Studies Beyond the Binary: Critical Encounters at the Intersection

Researching Africa Day is a conference for graduate students, and abstract submissions are welcome from graduate students only.

Saturday 3 March 2018. St Antony’s College, University of Oxford.

Abstract submissions are due by midnight of Friday 19 January 2018. Abstracts may vary between 150 and 350 words, and be attached as a PDF or Microsoft Word document. The document should specify the applicant’s university, full name, email address and the topic or topics to which they think the paper would best belong. They should be submitted to


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Announcing Researching Africa Day 2015!

16th Annual Researching Africa Day Workshop

Saturday, 7th March 2015, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford,  09:00 - 17:45

Every year, Researching Africa Day brings together post-graduate and early career researchers from across a range of disciplines. The Day offers an opportunity to discuss research strategies and approaches, to develop ideas in a constructive, stimulating, and engaging environment, and to network with other researchers. The 2015 Researching Africa Day will bring together post-graduate and early career researchers to reflect imaginatively on where African welfare is found, who provides it, and why.

The title of the 2015 workshop is:

Imagining Welfare in Contemporary Africa: Interdisciplinary Reflections