Research Assistant: “Memory Figurations: Displacement, Trauma and Memory amongst the Rwandan Diaspora in the UK”

The African Studies Centre is looking for a Research Assistant to assist with the Oxford University Press Fell Fund financed project “Memory Figurations: Displacement, Trauma and Memory amongst the Rwandan Diaspora in the UK” under the lead of Dr Julia Viebach. The project builds on oral history methodology to explore how survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda living in the UK (and possibly the US) remember and make meaning of this violent experience. Memory Figurations is interested in different experiences of victimisation, how these are narrated and remembered, and, how this effects life in the diaspora.

This role requires a sensitive and resilient person who is able and willing to deal with the exposure to stories of mass violence, loss and suffering.



Duration and hours

The work is to start as soon as possible and will run until the end of the project 31 July 2020, with a total of 100 hours research assistance.

The work will be approximately 5 hours per week. But the RA can work on a flexible basis as required by different stages of the project lifecycle.



The post will report to Dr Julia Viebach.



Role description

  • Transcription of oral history interviews
  • Assist the PI in conducting oral history interviews
  • Assist in producing project publications, in particular literature reviews
  • Assist in editing filmed interviews into video material including liaising with respective film company
  • Assist in setting up a website/online database to host oral history interview videos



  • Experience in conducting qualitative research is essential
  • Interest in post-genocide Rwanda or in memory, trauma, mass atrocity, victimhood, Diaspora or African Studies
  • Ability and interest in editing video material
  • Experience in: conducting oral history interviews; in working with survivors of mass atrocity; film editing and setting up online databases would be desirable.



This post is open to current graduate research students in the Social Science Division and the hours are in line with the restrictions on working hours for students.


Rate of Pay

This will be paid at the Grade 4, Stage 5 rate of £13.29 per hour plus holiday pay.



This post is funded by Oxford University Press Fell Fund.


How to Apply

A short CV and a brief cover letter (including the name of your supervisor, if any) should be sent by email to Dr Julia Viebach by Monday 10 February 2020.  Please explain briefly how you meet the requirements and give details of your availability over the course of the project.

Supervisors may be asked for a reference.

Informal enquiries may be emailed to Dr Julia Viebach,

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