African Studies Research Seminar: Security Issues in Southern Africa

Conveners: Dr Rachel Taylor and Dr Peter Brooke

Speaker: Professor Stephen Chan, SOAS



Photo credit: Adine Sagalyn


The advent of Critical Security Studies was seen as an antidote to Realist concentrations on war and violence. But it should not be seen as an alternative. This is especially the case as insurrections rage in many parts of Africa - and different forms of security needs and concerns intersect and often contradict one another. This presentation seeks to offer a 'fusion' approach - able to be understood by both an audience at e.g. the Royal College of Defence Studies, and one at a critically-informed university department with liberal and pacific leanings. It is drawn from the author's direct experiences over four decades in combat zones and in grassroots development planning, working both with militaries and the victims of violence.


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