African Studies Research Seminar: Instrumentalising disorder as political practice: Digital performances and politics in Kenya

Conveners: Dr Peter Brooke and Dr Rachel Taylor

Speaker: Dr. George Ogola, University of Central Lancaster


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Instrumentalising disorder as political practice: Digital performances and politics in Kenya  

As digital media platforms become relatively ubiquitous in Kenya, they are also increasingly assuming significant cultural and political agency in the country. My talk examines how Kenya’s notoriously ‘vocal’ online community #KOT (Kenyans on Twitter), fabricate and instrumentalise digital performances to create new spaces and aesthetics of political practice. I argue that even as we acknowledge the material and discursive limitations of these emergent digital practices, which manifest as a form of ‘disorder’, they are fundamentally subverting traditional regimes of public information controls, enabling the creation of important pockets of indiscipline, the loci of politics, and ultimately of power in Kenya, as in many parts of Africa. 


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