African Studies Seminar: The Gambela Years: SPLA soldiers' memories of exile, 1983-1991

sebabatso manoeli

Convener: Jonny Steinberg

Speaker: Sebabatso Manoeli (University of Oxford)

Sebabatso Manoeli, Departmental Lecturer in African History at the African Studies Centre, discusses the topic 'The Gambela Years: SPLA soldiers' memories of exile, 1983-1991’. In this lecture, Sebabatso Manoeli, discusses the lived experience of Sudan People's Liberation Movement and Army's soldiers in Ethiopia between 1983 and 1991. Based on interviews with SPLA veterans and archival work on the Movement's exile histories, Manoeli shows how the experience of exile prior to the independence of South Sudan shaped soldiers' conceptions of nationalism, their expectations of liberation, and how they make meaning of the burgeoning state's return to war.