African Studies Research Seminar: 'Winnie and Nelson: A Portrait of a Marriage'

Conveners: Rachel Taylor and Abigail Branford

Speaker: Jonny Steinberg (Yale University) 


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One of the most celebrated political leaders of the twentieth century, Nelson Mandela has been written about by many biographers and historians. But in one crucial area, his life remains largely untold: his marriage to Winnie. Jonny Steinberg tells the tale of this unique marriage - its longings, its obsessions, its deceits - turning the course of South African history into a page-turning political biography. Winnie & Nelson is a modern epic in which trauma doesn't just affect the couple at its centre, but an entire nation.  


Jonny Steinberg is the author of several books about everyday life in the wake of South Africa’s transition to democracy. Until 2020, he was Professor of African Studies at Oxford University. He currently teaches part-time at Yale and at the Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research in Johannesburg.