African Studies Research Seminar: Women’s Rights Activism in South Africa and Zimbabwe

Convener: Miles Larmer

Speakers: Chido Nyaruwata (University of Cape Town) and Tanya Charles (Atlantic Institute)   


The speakers for this seminar unpack the wins and losses of women's rights activism from two vantage points: youth-led activism and activism through civil society organising over the last decade across Southern Africa, but focusing on South Africa and Zimbabwe primarily. Chido Nyaruwata, an Afro-feminist Researcher based in

week 4 20220204

Zimbabwe, will focus on young women's mobilisation for health rights in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in Zimbabwe to shed light on the pernicious relationship between global funding and health equity. Tanya Charles, an African feminist who has worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade, will consider how non-governmental organisations in South Africa have shifted the policy landscape in the area of gender-based violence since 1994, while highlighting recent contestations over space and the inclusion of men and boys in the attainment of gender justice. 


We have a limited number of seats due to Covid-regulations and only members of the  University may attend in person. As a courtesy to others please wear a mask. Unfortunately we will not be able to admit anyone once capacity has been reached. Those attending in person are asked to carry out a Lateral Flow Test shortly before the seminar: they will be asked to provide evidence of a negative LFT (as a text message or email) as a condition of attendance. As an alternative the seminar can also be accessed via Teams, where it is also open to members of the public.


To join the Seminar via Teams, please click here.