Professor Patricia Daley Recognised in “Oxford Portraits”


Professor Patricia Daley, a Professor of Human Geography of Africa ( and a member of the African Studies Centre’s Consultative Committee by virtue of being part of the African Studies Teaching Faculty at Oxford University, has been recognised among the 24 people chosen to represent the diversity in background, gender and accomplishments of scholars, staff and alumni of the University of Oxford. (See BBC News report for Daley’s painting:

The commissioned images - paintings and others - of the 24 people and their brief biographies are currently on display at the foyer of the Weston Library under the theme of “The Full Picture: Oxford in Portraits.”

Professor Daley, an internationally recognised scholar who was awarded the Outstanding Supervisor Award by the Oxford University Student Union in 2015, is the first African-Caribbean female scholar to be appointed to a permanent professorship in Oxford University. She is the author of Gender and Genocide in Burundi: The search for spaces of peace in the Great Lakes Region (2008).

Daley’s picture, among other images of diversity, Ms.  Trudy Coe, Head of the university's equality and diversity unit, told the BBC “will allow students to look up and see people who look like them. It's sending a signal to a wider range of students that they belong here.”

“The Full Picture” is part of the “Diversifying Portraiture” project led by the University’s Equality and Diversity Unit.

The portraits of the 24 people will, at the end of the exhibitions, be moved to a home among other paintings in the Exams Schools.

The African Studies Centre is very proud to be associated with Professor Daley.