Researching Africa Day

Researching Africa Day 2017

17th Annual Researching Africa Day Workshop 

Saturday 4 March 2017, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford 

Every year, Researching Africa Day brings together post-graduate and early career researchers from across a range of disciplines. The Day offers an opportunity to discuss research strategies and approaches, to develop ideas in a constructive, stimulating, and engaging environment, and to network with other researchers. 


The title for the Researching Africa Day 2017 is Studying Africa, Studying Anywhere: Area Studies for an Interconnected World
Yuzhou Sun, DPhil Candidate. Department of History. University of Oxford.
Eleanor Beevor, DPhil Candidate. Department of Anthropology. University of Oxford.
Dan Paget, DPhil Candidate. Department of Politics and International Relations. University
of Oxford.