Prof. David Pratten

Research Disciplines:
  • Anthropology
Research Keywords:
  • Social anthropology, history, violence and the state
  • Nigeria


Phone: +44 (0)1865 613905

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  • Michel de Certeau: Ethnography and the challenge of plurality

    Napolitano, V, Pratten, D
  • Mystics and missionaries: Narratives of the spirit movement in Eastern Nigeria*

    Pratten, D
  • Narrating History and Anthropology J. D. Y. Peel’s ‘the Past in the Present’

    Pratten, DT
  • Retroversion, Introversion, Extraversion: Three Aspects of African Anthropology

    Pratten, D
  • Violence and Non-Violence in Africa

    Ahluwalia, P
  • Policing Boundaries

    Pratten, D
  • Currency and Conflict in Colonial Nigeria

    Pratten, DT
    Edited by:
    Adebanwi, W
  • Creole pioneers in the Nigerian provincial press

    Pratten, DT
    Edited by:
    Peterson, D, Hunter, E, Newell, S
  • Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa

    Cooper, E, Pratten, D
  • Ethnographies of Uncertainty in Africa: An Introduction

    Pratten, DT, Cooper, E
    Edited by:
    Cooper, E, Pratten, D
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