Academic - Director

  • Prof. Jonny Steinberg
    Professor of African Studies

    I joined the African Studies Centre in October 2011. Much of my works explores South African people and institutions in the wake of the transition to democracy. The institutions I have written about are the prison, the farm, the police and the clinic. The common thread between these projects has been an investigation into how political transition has changed the filigrees of unwritten rules through which individuals understand their lives and relate to others.

Academic - Staff

  • Departmental Lecturer in African Anthropology

    Neil is involved in the teaching of the MSc in African Studies and also teaches and supervises graduate students in the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Neil has been involved in a wide range of research, mostly focused on the anthropology and history of East Africa and its diaspora. He has been working on a project examining the Somali-dominated Nairobi estate of Eastleigh as part of the Oxford Diasporas Programme team, exploring the historical and cultural underpinnings of Eastleigh’s diaspora-driven economy.

  • Prof. Nic Cheeseman
    Associate Professor in African Politics

    I joined the African Studies Centre in 2007-08 and my time is split equally between the Department of Politics and International Relations and African Studies. My training is in political science and my research focuses on democracy in Africa. I also co-edit the journal African Affairs and run a website,

  • Dr Thomas Hendriks
    Departmental Lecturer / Evans Pritchard Fellow in African Anthropology

    I joined the African Studies Centre in 2016-2017, where I am involved in the teaching of the MSc in African Studies. I am also appointed to the Institute of Social Anthropology where I teach and supervise graduate students. I was trained as an anthropologist at the KU Leuven University (Belgium) and my research emerges from long-term intensive fieldwork in the Democratic Republic of Congo. My ethnographic interests range from gender, sexuality and desire to labour, race and memory in both urban and rural settings.

  • Professor of African History

    I joined the African Studies Centre in 2013: I am a historian and my time is divided equally between the Centre and the Faculty of History. I studied at the universities of Westminster, London and Sheffield, and I have taught at the universities of Pretoria, Keele, Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield. I previously worked for a number of non-governmental organisations, including Save the Children.

  • Sebabatso Manoeli
    Departmental Lecturer in African History

    I teach African History at the African Studies Centre and the History Faculty. My doctoral work focuses on Southern Sudanese exile politics from the 1960s to the late 1980s. My research interests include Southern Sudanese intellectual and liberation histories as well as colonial social histories. I studied at Amherst College and the University of Oxford. I previously worked for the Brenthurst Foundation, CDC Group, African Leadership Academy, as well as the Peace Research Institute of Oslo. 

  • David Pratten
    Associate Professor in Social Anthropology of Africa

    Prof David Pratten is on sabbatical leave during the academic year 16/17. 

    I joined the African Studies Centre in 2005-06. I am a social anthropologist and my post is a joint appointment with the Institute of Social Anthropology. I studied at Oxford, Manchester and SOAS, and previously taught at the universities of Edinburgh and Sussex.

  • Andrea Purdeková
    Departmental Lecturer in African Politics

    I joined the African Studies Centre in 2013. I am a political scientist by training and at the African Studies Centre I convene the Core Course Two ‘Themes in History and the Social Sciences in Africa’ and an option course on ‘Violence and Historical Memory in Eastern Africa.’ I have also taught at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and at Oxford’s Department of International Development (Refugee Studies Centre).

Academic - Affiliate

  • William Beinart

    William Beinart was Rhodes Professor of Race Relations from 1997 to 2015.  The position was established in 1953 to research and teach on ‘race relations’ with special reference to southern Africa. It has become an African Studies post.

Admin - Centre Administrator