African Studies Centre, University of Oxford

The African Studies Centre organises a lively programme of seminars, workshops and international conferences. At least three research seminars on Africa meet each week during Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity Terms: 

  • African Studies Seminars - Thursdays 5pm, Pavilion Room, St Antony’s College
  • African History and Politics Seminars -  Mondays 5 pm, Seminar Room 2, Oxford Department of International Development, organised by the History Faculty. Details of the Hilary term seminars are on Oxford Talks.
  • South Africa Discussion Group - Tuesdays 5pm, Oxford Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House
  • Oxford Central Africa Forum - Wednesdays 5pm, venue varies so please check the specific seminar you would like to attend. Details of the Hilary term seminars are on the OCAF website.
  • Horn of Africa Seminars - Tuesdays 5pm, Seminar Room, African Studies Centre


Times, venues and seminar topics for each are detailed in the pdf documents below. To stay up to date with events, news and job oppourtunities at the African Studies Centre, subscribe to our mailing list.

We also host a variety of annual events including:

In April 2015 we held a special conference focussing on 20 Years of South African Democracy.

Podcasts of past seminars and events hosted by the African Studies Centre are available both on the Oxford University Podcasts Website and on iTuneU.

Upcoming Events

Horn of Africa: Constitutionalism, ‘developmentalism’ and popular demands in Ethiopia: exploring the common denominator

Tuesday, 24 April, 2018 -
17:00 to 18:30
African Studies Centre Seminar Room

This seminar seeks to explain the competing and sometimes conflicting aspirations of the Ethiopian State, and its outcome as it has been displayed in the recent popular protests and demands.

Henok Gabisa (Washington and Lee)


Tuesday, 24 April, 2018 -
17:00 to 18:30
Pavilion Room, St Antony's College

Most writing on the black press in South African history views Umteteli wa Bantu, established in 1920 and funded by the Native Recruitment Corporation, as a signal for African loss of editorial independence, punting moderate African views in reaction to the more radical news available in newspape

NATASHA ERLANK (University of Johannesburg)

Past Events

Book Launch: Mobile Secrets: Youth, Intimacy and the Politics of Pretense in Mozambique

Mobile Secrets: Youth, Intimacy and the Politics of Pretense in Mozambique
Tuesday, 30 May, 2017 - 12:45
Seminar Room, African Studies Centre, 13 Bevington Road, Oxford

We are delighted to welcome Julie Archambault (Concordia University) to discuss her new book Mobile Secrets: Youth, Intimacy and the Politics of Pretense in Mozambique in conversation with Ramon Sarró (Oxfor

Julie Archambault (Concordia)
Ramon Sarró (Oxford)

African Studies Seminar: Bars, Branches, Stereos and Choppers: Innovation in Election Campaign Technologies in Tanzania

African Studies Centre, University of Oxford
Thursday, 18 May, 2017 - 17:00
Pavilion Room, 4th floor Gateway Building, St Antony's College, Oxford

Dan Paget is currently finishing his DPhil at the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford. He writes on the politics of sub-Saharan Africa in general, and the politics of Tanzania and Zambia in particular.

Dan Paget (Oxford)