Dr Chris Low

Dr Chris Low

After an Oxford DPhil on ‘Khoisan Healing’ (2004), I joined the African Studies Centre in 2005 as an ESRC Research Fellow. I have subsequently held a further  Welcome Research Fellowship  at the Centre and assisted in the Centre’s  wider teaching and research for a number of years. I am currently setting up a new museum with southern African  Bushmen (San) at !Khwa ttu, near Cape Town (www.khwattu.org) . In this project I am working closely with Dr Chris Morton of the Pitt Rivers Museum. I am also a Bath Spa University Research Fellow on an AHRC project concerning history and environment in north west Namiba (www.futurepasts.net) .



Chris Low and Elisabeth Hsu (eds), Wind, Life, Health: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives (Oxford, Blackwell, 2008)
Chris Low, Khoisan Medicine in History and Practice , Research in Khoisan Studies Volume 20, (Köln, Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, 2008)


Most recent Publications:

Low, Chris (Forthcoming 2017) "Hunter-Gatherer Cosmologies." In International Encyclopedia of Anthropology, edited by Hilary Callan. New York: Wiley Bl;ackwell.

Low, Chris (2017) "Human Physiology, San Shamanic Healing and the Cognitive Revolution." In Human Origins and Social Anthropology, edited by Camilla Power, Morna Finnegan, and Hilary Callan, 224-247. Oxford: Berghahn Books



Returning anthropometric photographs to !Xo Bushmen Returning anthropometric photographs to !Xo Bushmen

Haiseb (trickster?) in the landscape https://vimeo.com/200452957

!Khwa ttu Museum and Digital Archive    https://vimeo.com/130413613

                        The new Museum building    https://vimeo.com/138329655

!Khwa ttu San Global Digital Archive         https://vimeo.com/135229178

 Chris Low "Telling the story of the Kalahari First People"    https://vimeo.com/119677172


Website of Chris Low:     www.thinkingthreads.com

Contact: chris@thinkingthreads.com