Research Associates

Dr Timothy Clack

Institute of Archaeology and St Peter's College
Research Interests: the perception of African landscapes, human evolutionary environments, and the indigenisation of colonial customs and understandings.

Alex Duncan
Senior Research Associate, ASC, and Senior Member, St Antony's College
Research interests: development practice and policy in Africa

Dr Laurent Gabail
Fyssen Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate, ASC
Research interests: Anthropology; age and kinship; male initiation ritual; performance

Dr Christopher Low
Research Associate, ASC
Research Interests: Khoisan medicine; history and anthropology.

Dr Hugh MacMillan
Leverhulme Research Officer

Dr Tiziana Morosetti
Research Associate, ASC

Dr Christopher Morton
Research Associate, ASC

Jason Mosley
Research Associate, ASC
Research Interests: the politics of ethnicity and religion in the greater Horn of Africa, the Great Lakes region and Nigeria.

Dr Wolde Tadesse

Research Associate at the African Studies Centre, researcher among southern Ethiopian pastoralists and cultivators of the Omotic Area (covering Gamo, Gofa, Wolaita), Arbore and Konso.